Unconscious Bias Workshop

A practical and productive workshop for you and your colleagues
to explore where unconscious bias “happens” in our daily workplace routines. Grow your awareness, watch eye-opening scenarios, and get tips for reducing bias.

Using modern workplace video scenarios from the CultureTech firm Emtrain, we’ll explore a variety of common situations that we experience in the workplace. We’ll cover why and how we (humans) make split-second assumptions that aren’t particularly rational. We’ll observe some common micro-aggressions, and get a new perspective on workplace constructs like tasks, meetings, interviews and promotions.

Our Unconscious Bias Workshop is for:

  • Small groups, big groups and teams, in a standalone workshop, lunch & learn, or as part of a series of sessions (business strategy offsite or conference)
  • ERG Networks who want to increase awareness and create better habits
  • Executives who are trying to wrap their head around bias and how it impacts their people and workplace culture

Complete the contact form below for more information and to request an on-site workshop. Please note, quality WiFi access is required for video streaming.