Talent Development

We bring a new dimension to talent development by blending career development and personal potential. Our programs focus on modern leadership, creating compelling public profiles and broad leadership experiences to bolster rising managers and individual contributors. We work in every industry. Our services help:


  • Develop the potential of groups of individuals to build collaborative cohorts, accelerate promotion and aid retention
  • Pivot key talent towards bigger leadership opportunities and help them bring their “big ideas” to fruition
  • Create leaders who are recognized in their industry and community for their expertise and reflect positively on the organization

Companies may sign up for Talent Development packages for cohorts of 10-15 employees, or add Talent Development for up to 5 employees a la carte into other consulting packages.

Contact us for corporate programs, pricing and availability.


  • Identify personal and professional goals and timeframes and bring ambitious innovative ideas to light
  • Develop a series of actionable steps towards goals, evolve leadership and gain confidence
  • Build a public profile showcasing their expertise, and gain recognition for it

Program types are listed below. Contact us for pricing and availability.

3 Month Career Onboarding
New to your job or new to a company? This program creates actionable steps to cultivate a professional network, find potential in your role, and clarify your career path.
Format: Four 30-minute long development sessions, plus assignments.

3 Month Career Reboot
You’re ‘heads down’ doing great work and all the sudden you realize you’re not where you should be. This program will help you assess your strengths and identify your professional goals, with LMC17 partnering with you to strategize key next steps.
Format: Six 30-minute long sessions, plus assignments.

3 Month Career Relaunch
Took a break from the workforce or decided to change your career path? This program will help you attract the right opportunities through goal setting, growing your network, and strengthening your public profile.
Format: Six 30-minute long sessions, plus assignments.

3 Month Intensive Advocacy
Ready to be a power player? This program develops you as an asset, and helps create a portfolio of experiences that define your leadership, your impact and your full potential, while establishing an enhanced public persona.
Format: Six 45-minute long sessions, plus assignments.

3 Month Big Idea Launch
Have a big idea but don’t know how to get it started? Work with LMC17 to build out your strategy and key milestone steps while revamping your personal brand, public profile and network to ensure success.
Format: Six 30-minute long sessions, plus assignments.

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If our offerings don’t meet your current needs, we are happy to refer you to our wonderful partners who specialize in executive coaching, creating social media personalities, PR and other key areas.