KNOWN: How to Create a Great 401(k) by Laraine McKinnon

Behavioral finance and investment theory tell us exactly how to design the 401(k) plan to enable retirement readiness for millions of employees. So why aren’t most 401(k) plans optimized? Known: How to Create a Great 401(k) explores that question, bridging insights from academia with real world organizational behavior to provide practical guidance for plan sponsors and advisors looking to drive decisions to improve retirement outcomes.


Laraine McKinnon final 2 3dAuthor Laraine McKinnon draws from her own experience as a 401(k) plan sponsor, decades in investment management and hundreds of hours in strategic discussion with many of the largest 401(k) plan sponsors in America.

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ISBN 978-1987525397 

This book provides content and context regarding key concepts in 401(k) plan management, but is not intended to constitute investment, tax or legal advice. Plan sponsors and plan fiduciaries should rely on their professional advisors to assess the changes and the implementation processes most appropriate for their plans. 

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