Triangulating Solutions

LMC17 is a business that has been bursting to launch. There’s no time like the present for a new approach to problem solving – because the problems of our day are big ones.

  • How do we get generations of people to save for retirement when they’d rather spend their money on something they can have today?
  • How do we evolve company cultures to embrace diverse talent for better ideas, improved products or services and greater success?
  • How do we help individuals who know they are meant to do something bigger and more impactful to achieve their personal and professional goals?

There are tons more. (We’re only getting started!)

Our premise is that a combination of three pretty simple things can influence change and get positive progress back on track. Why do we think that? Because we’ve seen it again and again. Here are those simple – but magical – elements:

  1. Behavioral Science. What we do and why we do it is reasonably well known by academics. (If you haven’t read “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, we recommend it.)  Behavioral science explains everything from how we make split second decisions to the formation of our daily habits to the things we know we should do but don’t (and vice versa!). So if we understand why people do things, relying on academic research and survey data, we can start to know how to reorient them.
  2. Big Data. Companies (and yes people) have tons of information about themselves. We can record it, collect it and store it. But very few actually use the data to become more aware. And even fewer extrapolate that data and make projections about their future. Some of the fastest decisions we’ve seen made on long-debated topics came when the decision makers saw intuitive visuals of their own data that showed them exactly where they stood and how much worse off they could be in the future.
  3. Practical Implementation. How many great ideas have been squandered by the lack of knowing how to make them happen? We believe that having a stated objective – a super clear understanding of the end goal – and developing a series of small actionable steps to get you there is the only way to go. If we’re changing cultures, we need to ease people into it. If we’re building our own personal brand, we need to display it in every small thing we do. If we’re going to have a couple of million dollars in our retirement accounts in forty years’ time, well, we’re going to have to save it dollar by dollar.

So there you go.

But wait! you say….these pretty simple things aren’t so easy to deliver. You’re right. It takes a strategic mix – depending on the project, the people, the times – and experience. That’s where we hope to help.

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Launching LMC17

Thank you for your interest in LMC17! We are in the process of launching this strategic consulting firm, and look forward to working with our clients to create solutions to hard-to-solve problems. Stay tuned…there’s much more to come…