Research paper: Social Capital and Social Indicators: Building Organizational Health in the Modern Economy


Executive Summary

This paper introduces a new management theory using social capital indicators as modern measures of organizational health.

Traditional human capital management theory, which focuses on individual performance, does not sufficiently articulate the influence of social dynamics on leading indicators of organizational productivity such as group cohesion, decision making processes, or diversity. As a result, there is a gap in the value equation.

We discuss the opportunities presented by social capital, the productive value of interpersonal relationships between employees and groups. We hypothesize that Respect, Inclusion, and Ethics are core behavioral competencies that can be taught and measured, and that they are predictive of business outcomes.

We introduce a competency model based on Respect, Inclusion, and Ethics, and a framework of Workplace Social Indicators that organizations can use to measure and manage organizational health and productivity. More importantly, these are leading indicators that enable executives to proactively govern the business, and mitigate risk.

We are currently implementing components of this model and framework with a variety of leading organizations. We welcome thought partners as we continue our research.

Event: How to Show your value in a turbulent world [Emtrain’s people leader conference]

Keep your seatbelt on! You’ve made it through the last year of pandemic and social justice change, and the ride is still bumpy. It’s our job to help our organizations and our teams adapt, and we need strategies to stay ahead as modern leaders. In this session we’ll talk through the future of work, keeping up with the pace of technology, improving social dynamics while managing increasingly diverse teams, and how change brings opportunity for you to showcase your strengths. Join the conversation with: Iliana Quinonez, Solutions Engineering Leader at Salesforce, and Advisor to Latinoforce, Salesforce’s Latinx Employee Resource Group; Tanal Basma, Global Head of People at Launchgood, a global crowdfunding platform supporting Muslims launching good all across the world, and Laraine McKinnon, Advisor, Talent & Culture Strategist, Emtrain.


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Join Talent & Culture Strategist Laraine McKinnon and PeaceHealth‘s Director of DEI, April Allen, J.D., M.P.A. at Emtrain’s People Leader Conference to learn how to proactively operationalize a simple and effective shared language to minimize conflict and create positive organizational norms of behavior.