Build Inclusive Language from the ground up

Build Inclusive Language from the Ground Up
Many organizations have seen the benefits of inclusive language across the organization and try to implement it into what has already been established in the company. Although it’s a great step for companies, it would be even better to see how companies incorporate it from the ground up. 

In our next LinkedIn Live, Nadia Fischer, CEO & Co-Founder of Witty Works, and Laraine McKinnon, Talent & Culture Strategist at Emtrain, will discuss the importance of startups leveraging SaaS technologies, like Witty Works, to incorporate inclusive language from the very beginning. In addition, Nadia will go into the benefits of using these technologies and how it can shed light on other areas of bias within companies.

WEBINAR: How to overcome DEI challenges in the healthcare industry

Did you know only 39% of healthcare professionals “feel respected” in their organizations? (Emtrain’s Workplace Research and Insights).

The healthcare industry has an increasing responsibility to improve DEI initiatives for medical professionals, patients, and patients’ families. Creating a sense of inclusion and belonging is a skill that can be developed and provides a better, healthier workplace experience for everyone, internally and externally.  

Healthcare organizations must foster an environment where their employees have a sense of inclusion and belonging. It’s time to learn how to put DEI into practice! 

In this webinar, Chief Innovation Officer Robert Todd and Talent and Culture Strategist, Laraine McKinnon will…

  • Explore what Emtrain’s data is saying about DEI in the healthcare industry
  • Provide the best trends and practices that healthcare organizations are implementing today
  • Cover DEI topics healthcare organizations should train on