Online Event: Brainstorming for the Next Normal


Over just a few short months, much has changed. Covid-19 has impacted human life, the economy, the traditional workplace, the healthcare system, the education system, our social lives, the environment and much more. Change brings opportunity. Join us as we brainstorm what the Next Normal might look like.

  • What industries will rebound quickly and reshape our economy – and what traditional services will never recover?
  • What societal weaknesses have been exposed – and how do we help our companies, governments, and non-profits fix them?
  • What sequence of events will shape the inevitable changes to come? How can we influence this change to see improved opportunities for women, people of color, and other under-served populations? (And, how do we improve our own opportunity for success?)

Facilitated by Laraine McKinnon, founder of LMC17

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